Ezeeshore provides state of the art website design and website development services. Our exeprienced development team designs and develops professional website for your business.


Ezeeshore provides services of standalone and server-based custom applications development, including re-engineering and refactoring. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs and industry and product requirements, we deliver tailored cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions.


Our company provides full range of offshore software development services, from custom outsourcing programming to mobile application design. You can hire our highly qualified developers to extend your team remotely or order a full-cycle development process.


Our company provides custom mobile application for your small business or enterprise mobility. We have developed several mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.


At Ezeeshore, thorough product examination and bug reporting performed by trusted domain professionals. We provide manual testing and automation testing services.


We have partnered with a leading Analytics company. We solve critical business problems using Data science and Analytics to help companies integrate data into decision-making workflows.

Our Offshore Software Development Services


Agile Software Development

Agile software development is a group of software development methods based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.

Data Science & Analytics

Data Science serves as the core of our analytics offering. Our data science team has a mixture of multi-disciplinary skills ranging from an intersection of mathematics, statistics, computer science, communication and business. Our fundamental belief is that the answers to critical business problems are hidden within data at our disposal.

PHP Web Development

PHP is a widely used, general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web application development to produce dynamic web pages and now in day PHP has become one of the major players on the web development market in the last many years.

Business Development Services

We have a team of professional data-miners and tele-callers who work hard and smart for lead generation for your business. This lead generation process is completely customized for your business. We do data-mining from various data sources available on internet; refine & verify that data by various filtering mechanisms and generate the leads for your business.

ASP.NET Web Development

A team of professional .NET engineers and project managers ensure that the client’s exact development needs are carefully studied, and that development specifically addresses the business and management goals, for a better functioning of the existing business model.

Automation Testing

Testing a software application manually become tedious, timetaking and expensive job for any company. Also, it is not guaranteed that application will be completely bug-free. Hence automation testing plays a vital role of finding the issues much faster and running them independently without any manual intervention.

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About Our Offshore Software Development Company

We are a dynamic organization focusing on creating value for our customers by delivering quality software development services. Offshore Software Development Services is our product and we strive to make our product better every day. We continuously strive to revolutionize the way you conduct your day-to-day business by delivering innovative web designing services and multimedia products. For this we leverage the expertise of our highly skilled and broadly experienced team of programmers, designers and Analysts.

Innovation is always the edge for web development, and hence we keep innovating the better user controls that make the user experience better and delight your customers. We also believe that there is no point in re-inventing the wheel; and hence we strongly support open source systems and content management systems for web development that will cover most part of your requirements and can be customized according to your needs.
Be it the innovative idea, that needs to be converted into the full flanged business process OR the existing process that needs the aid of the new technology and offshore software development services, EzeeShore’s years of experience in offshore software development will be the best option for you. Our offshore team of experienced software developers, Team Leaders, Project Managers and Business Analysts will drive your project to success within the agreed upon timeline.
Client satisfaction is our biggest achievement, and hence, in order to meet and exceed your expectations, we will always be on our toes. We can always take care of important deadlines in order to meet your marketing and sales schedules. We don’t just develop the software that will be used by your customers and potential clients, but we build the lifetime solution using web 2.0 that will be world class platform for your business.
We do provide an outstanding customer services. While working with our staff you’ll fall in love with their creative ideas. They will be with you from the moment you knocked their window to the moment they deliver you the complete solution. We are always eager to get words from you. So whether you need a fully integrated online shop or stunning website design, we’re the best offshore software development team you turn to. Get in touch with us for free consulting about your project whether to develop from scratch or use the one of the content management systems out there. We will be happy to help you. Contact us and we will call you back.
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My companies have been working with the principals of Ezeeshore for the past three years on many projects. We have been very pleased with the quality of the work, the responsiveness, and the innovative techniques that they have provided to us. Ezeeshore has a dedicated team of professionals whose purpose in life is to provide excellent products and support. I would highly recommend them to beginners as well as experienced professionals.
Peter C

President, Software Services

I couldn’t be happier with my choice of using Ezeeshore for my website. Their team were easy to work with and helped me make a terrific website in a short amount of time. Thanks again guys for all your hard work I will recommend you to all my friends!
Mike Chew

Owner, rpmgo

Ezeeshore provided me the best responsive web design services and completed my responsive website within 10 business days. They kept me posted on the progress on the web development tasks on continuous basis. They are the best. I will always recommend them.
Mike W.

Owner, Professional Designs

Ezeeshore team did a great job & looking forward to work with them again on another project.
Tara H

Owner ,virtualassistant

I worked with Ezeeshore for a while and they provided me great web development services for few of my websites and web applications. The delivery was timely and I was well informed for progress on all tasks. Highly Recommended to anyone looking for web development services.
Eric R


Ezeeshore team is Fast, Skilled and a Good Communicator. Highly Recommend.
Cameron S.

Owner, Drug Testing Business Systems


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Case studies

Technology: ASP.NET with C#, MSSQL

Challenge: Client wanted to develop a web based forum that will get work with the current product. So that existing clients can talk to each other and discuss their opinion about the product and share their knowledge and tricks and tips to use the product better.

Solution: If any forum is required to be developed, it generally takes 3-4 man-months of duration.
Instead of development of the forum from scratch, we did research on open source ready-made forums that can be integrated with the current ASP.NET based system. After our detailed research of few hours we finalized “YAF – YetAnotherForum” which is .NET based open source web forum and discussed its features with client. Client liked the idea and agreed for the integration. Our skilled team of programmers integrated the YAF with existing client’s product and configured it within less than 2 weeks of time as per the exact requirements from client. In this span of 2 weeks we also made some customization in the YAF as per the requirements.
Ultimately, the complete web forum system was up and running within 2 weeks of span and not 3-4 months. That helped our client by spending less on development, providing more instructions on forum requirements. It also helped our team to deliver faster, making our client happy and handling lesser requirements. The perfect win-win situation.

Technology: Java with hibernate, Struts & Oracle 10g

Challenge: Our client had the existing system developed on Java platform that was using Oracle 10g as database. Client required report generation functionality to be added in this existing system.

Solution: We started working on the report generation. While working on report generation for some of the reports we needed to use the existing database queries which were already developed. We found that current performance of the system was way slow as the queries used were not optimized. These were oracle database queries with 400-500 lines of code being used to fetch the data.
Our experienced programmers suggested few changes in the existing queries to optimize it. Client agreed and we made those changes and performance improved so that new query fetched the results 10 times faster than the previous one. That also resulted our high level reports and chart generation to be faster. And all this was done without changing the existing business logic.

Technology: ASP.NET with C#, MSSQL

Challenge: Our client wanted to develop a Saas system that had many features and waterfall development timeline was very long – somewhere around a year or more.

Solution: We suggested going with the Agile software development approach. We requested the client to prioritize the list of all features and identify the core features of the product that adds the 80% value to the product. We delivered first working software that can be used by the customers and can also be deployed on the live server within a couple of months. This version had main core features of the product as per client’s request. Client started generating the revenue based off of these core features and we kept on delivering the new features with less priority on biweekly basis. The overall approach with Agile software development made the client happier.

Technology: PHP with MySQL

Challenge: Our client already had a web based system in place that was required to be redesigned to have web 2.0 controls with HTML5 to make UI richer and better. However client wanted to participate the show to market the upcoming version of the system.

Solution: Our team prepared the mock-ups as per the requirements of client and based on the updates in the current system with better navigation, and use of custom controls. We kept on taking the feedback from client with this mock-ups creation and team prepared the clickable prototype which looks similar to the upcoming “To Be” system within two weeks. Client demonstrated this version of the prototype and had very great response on the upcoming version of the system. This show with the clickable prototype further added 20% users to the current customer-base of our client.

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